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Madden 22: How to build your most dreamy Ultimate Team with the lowest cost?

We have already mentioned the complete guide to important, practical, effective tips and strategies in Madden 22. In Madden 22, building your ultimate dreamy team is the ultimate goal of every player. Many players use micro-transactions to achieve this goal. However, EA Sports has also been criticized and dissatisfied by many players in the past few years because of such micro-transactions. In Madden 22, players purchase gift packs and use cards to build the roster of players they want. However, this approach is not acceptable to all players. However, the cost of this approach will make players lose more Madden 22 coins.

Madden 22: How to play the Ultimate Team mode?

Madden 22: What is a power curve, and what are its functions?

Madden 22: How to build your most dreamy Ultimate Team with the lowest cost?

  1. How to collect cards in Madden 22?

  2. How to form a theme team in Madden 22?

  3. How to sets in Madden 22?

  4. How to invest and reuse through auction houses in Madden 22?

  5. Whether to complete the challenge in Madden 22?

  6. What are the rewards for completing the solo battles and head two head seasons in Madden 22?

  7. How to choose the strategy, Playbook in Madden 22?

As part of Madden 22's important tips and strategies, we will describe how to build an ultimate dreamy team with the lowest cost. Believe that this is your best choice.

Madden 22: How to play the Ultimate Team mode?

It would be best if you started using this mode before you learn how to build the ultimate team at the lowest cost in Madden NFL 22. First, from the main menu in the game, visit Ultimate Team, complete the required introductory tasks, and then proceed smoothly after the first loading. You will be automatically assigned to the primary players in each position to help you set it up, although your overall score at this stage will be around 64. In your Ultimate Team career, your goal will be to strengthen each position with better players.

Madden 22: What is a power curve, and what are its functions?

Before starting Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 22, Remember, understand that each season must follow the power curve so that you can gradually find better players in the game. Therefore, there will be a cap on your lineup rating before a better card is released.

This is why we recommend not to buy Packs unless you plan to become a competitive player. This is because the best cards in the game in August are not necessarily the best cards in January. As the season progresses, you will gradually unlock better and stronger players in each position, and as the season matures, your overall rating will also increase.

Madden 22: How to build your most dreamy Ultimate Team with the lowest cost?

First of all, if you have disposable income and enjoy this experience, there is nothing wrong with buying a gift package in Ultimate Team. You need to pay attention to the probability of purchasing any gift packs, don't spend too much on this. Remember, you are paying for the pixels. As long as you know these things and spend your money responsibly, keep playing.

It isn't easy to build the best list in the game with this method, but you can create a competitive and exciting team. If you are particularly good at the game, you can also beat players of a better team than you by surpassing them on the court. However, once you reach the competitive level, any minor disadvantages will hinder your performance. Try to focus on having fun first, because this is the most important thing.

1. How to collect cards in Madden 22?

To build an ultimate team, you will need cards. Although purchasing gift packs is the fastest way to collect cards, this method requires a lot of money. Because although some gift packages can be bought with MUT Coins, the price is usually high. Instead, we recommend that you use your coins to buy players who strengthen key positions or can be used to complete sets at the auction house.

However, combo packs are still important to improve your ultimate team, and there are multiple ways to get these combo packs through natural play. They are:


Focus on the task and try to complete as many tasks as possible. Many tasks in the game are cumulative, including accumulating yards and points in all ultimate team modes. As you upgrade each season, you will also receive gift packs and gold coins, so please pay attention to what the game expects you to do.


Challenges are single-player or cooperative tasks. You will use the ultimate team to fight against various opponents in unique situations. When you collect more stars in each program, you will have the opportunity to unlock the gift pack, so please pay attention to each goal and try to collect as many stars as possible.

Single-player battle:

Single-player battle allows you to compete offline against other teams from the Madden NFL 22 community. By completing these tasks on a more incredible difficulty, you will earn points, increase your overall score, and allow you to get gift packs and gold coins every week.

H2H Seasons:

According to your performance in Madden NFL 22, you can choose to compete online in H2H Seasons. Events will change over time, but you will have the opportunity to earn coins and cards, depending on your performance. Certain activities may require you to pay coins to enter.

EA Play:

Throughout the season, users who subscribe to EA Play will be entitled to reward packages and upgrades in Ultimate Team, which will help you earn cards for Ultimate Team.

2. How to form a theme team in Madden 22?

As you accumulate more cards for Ultimate Team, you may promote each player with a higher rating to the starting position. This means you can only use players from a specific team, as this will improve the overall chemistry of your roster. The more players a single team has, the more their attributes will improve.

This helps make up for the lower overall rating. You might choose to include a few superstars from other rosters but build the foundation of the ultimate team around a single real-world team. Keep in mind that as the power curve progresses, more and more players (such as legends) will come from the franchise you choose, so although the New York Giants theme team may not surprise you at launch, After the opportunity to add a player like Michael Strahan, with all the chemical enhancements, he can finally turn it into a powerful force.

When building a themed team, When you want to sell any non-compliant players, you may use your accumulated MUT Coins for other players. You can filter auction houses by the team. You should also spend gold coins on players who can help you complete the Sets, but please always spend as little as possible since you are trading these cards. It would help if you only reward your players for the complete set, which will improve your overall lineup.

3. How to sets in Madden 22?

As mentioned earlier, Sets can reward your players, who can significantly enhance your ultimate team. If you are building a themed team, pay attention to the settings and players that will improve your chemistry and improve your starting lineup.

Always pay close attention to the auction house for these cards because sometimes you may be able to buy these cards at a lower price than completing the series yourself. Sets are a great way to trade low-value cards because they are marked with NAT (not auctionable or tradable) conditions, so you will never use or sell at all. Pay attention to the new suits throughout the season, and only complete those that can improve your team. Or, if you have extra cards in your Item Binder, you can try to complete the extra set to flip the rewards, but only do so if you are confident that you can make a profit.

4. How to invest and reuse through auction houses in Madden 22?

Depending on the type of Ultimate Team you are building, you will eventually unlock cards you don't need. If these are marked with NAT (not auctionable or tradable), then you should try to use them in the collection whenever possible. If not, then consider their overall value first. You can search for any card in the auction house's item binder to determine its overall selling price. If it is low, you can also consider using it in Sets, depending on what you are currently trying to accomplish. If it is high, consider selling it and using the coins you accumulate to invest in your team. Remember, EA Sports will charge a 10% tax on your products sold at the auction house.

The method you use depends on you. Sometimes you will collect cards with a higher overall score than anyone else on the team and fit the theme you are trying to build. But looking at the value of this card, it's better to sell it. This is because you can potentially buy two or three players with a score of 81 by selling one player with an 84. If these 81 scoring players strengthened three positions for you, then this is better than strengthening only one position.

It is also important to carefully consider the training points. Some cards can be sold for Training. If you have already obtained enough gold coins by completing challenges and tasks, you can consider participating in Training. The ability of the country to improve certain items can be achieved through Training!, and even X-Factor and Superstar abilities can be equipped to enhance some of the best cards in your roster greatly. You can refund Training, but we strongly recommend that you have a semi-fixed lineup before deciding where to spend.

5. Whether to complete the challenge in Madden 22?

Throughout the game life cycle, EA Sports will add dozens of new challenges. Try the most challenging difficulty for the most stars if possible, and pay attention to the sub-goals. You can complete these goals alone or cooperate to unlock gift packs, coins, and many other rewards.

Just by playing and completing challenges, you will genuinely strengthen your ultimate team and get many great rewards. If you are a new player, you need to complete the challenge first. This will give you a full understanding of the concepts in the game and will bring you some very important rewards. If you encounter problems with difficulty, you can play Easy-to-Play at any time and gradually increase the difficulty as your ultimate team, and game skills improve. But keep in mind that some challenges have an expiration date and are designed to be completed within a specific window.

6. What are the rewards for completing the solo battles and head two head seasons?

In addition to the Madden 22 challenge, the game includes Solo Battles mode and Head 2 Head Seasons mode. The former is a single-player game mode, where you will play the fantasy roster of other players in the gaming community and try to beat them to earn points. Better performance in the harder difficulty will reward you with more points, and according to the number of points you accumulate, you will get a gift pack reward next week. If you are not very good at games, this may be an excellent way to develop your skills and reward them.

If you have a very competitive list and have the skills to compete with other online players, you can also earn rewards by playing Head 2 Head Seasons. Your overall goal here is to win as many games as possible. Still, in time-limited events, You need to have a deep understanding of the item binder so that you can build a competitive team, similar to a salary cap. Some of them are buy-in, you need to use Coins to buy, but you will be guaranteed to get rewards in the end.

7. How to choose the strategy, Playbook?

In addition to playing cards, you also need to use strategy cards to deepen the team's chemistry. The best strategy card will depend on your people and how you want to play. If you prefer to focus on running the ball, you may want to consider using strategy cards that emphasize running the ball. If your pass is more complex, then a card like Deep Route Specialist will work better. Obviously, please consider the type of players you use and their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, consider using a supplementary manual, which not only benefits the attributes of your performers, but this is also a good time to provide you with a strategy.

You can upgrade strategy cards by Training to make them more effective, but you should only do this after you are half-decided about a game style and the type of boost you want to take advantage of. Also, remember that some playing cards can also be upgraded through Training, and you can equip some players with X-Factors and Superstar abilities. Similarly, deciding which players to upgrade and which X-Factors and Superstar equipment capabilities will depend on how you want to play and the type of tactics you want to use in the game. The beauty of Ultimate Team in Madden 22 is that you can effectively customize your roster to your liking, so before making any decision, don't be afraid to try. Pay attention to the attributes and your available people.

EA Sports stated that more strategy cards would be added throughout the season, but there are three levels available when typing: standard (silver), rare (green), and rare (blue). Again, it depends on your people and what you and your team are working hard to achieve, but some of the best strategy cards include:

You can prepare two offensive strategy cards and defensive strategy cards simultaneously, which can occupy a great advantage. Before deciding on a specific card, consider how you want your team to play. You also need to keep in mind the type of Playbook you plan to use. Some of the best offensive manuals include Buffalo Bills, Kansas City Chiefs, and Seattle Seahawks. We also like the New York Giants' defensive manual, but please try and decide what suits you best.


The above content is how to build your most dreamy Ultimate Team with the lowest cost in Madden 22.

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